By Sandra C. Ormeno

About the book

A book to show the importance of talking about our problems and emotions

Why you need this book and what are all the things you will learn from it.

Emotions are important

We often neglect our emotions, specially the negative ones. It is never pleasant to feel them but it is tremendously important to do so to process them and understand them.
Believe me, I know it is difficult but it is very important. Emotions are part of us.

Issues don't go away unless we face them

When we have a problem the easiest thing we can do is avoid it. And this is what we often do, but the truth is that this cannot be done forever, and the more we avoid, the more complex the issue becomes.

It is okay to ask for help

We live in a society where we are constantly pushed to just get on with things and if we don't we are judge.
Well, the bravest thing someone can ever do is ask for help. It is okay, it is healthy and it is needed.

It is never too late

We are not born knowing how to deal with difficulties in life and the emotions that may come from them, so sometimes, we will use copying mechanisms that may not serve us well in the long run, This is okay, know it is never to late to face our problems and find better ways to cope.

It is okay to express your emotions

It is not just okay, it is necessary. Emotions are part of us and so they require space and attention. When we ignore or mask them, they can become more complex with time and it may take us longer to process them

Problems can easily accumulate

Life is not going to be an easy journey for many. Problems will come and this is an avoidable fact, Sometimes they come in threes. It is important to face them and sometimes take our time to do this and ask for help if needed.

Your mental health as important as your physical health

Body and mind are interconnected. you neglect one of them, the other gets affected.

There is always someone willing to help

You matter, you are a valuable human being and there are people out there that care, so please reach out to someone you feel may be trusted.

There was once a little boy who was quite special – he had a superpower!

He could transform his problems into objects. But like with anything, there was a little catch… 

Learn the tale of Ulises’ superpower and how he got out of a messy, smelly, sticky pickle.


On this moving story, Sandra C. Ormeno, an experienced therapist specialised in complex trauma, shows us how we sometimes cope with emotions and problems, how easy they can accumulate if we don’t look after our mental health and the massive impact this can have, and how important it to ask for help when needed. Ulises’ story makes it clear to both children and adults that it is never too late to start your healing journey.

A peak inside

The Inspiration

How the book was born

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

During my years of work as a counsellor and psychotherapist, and thanks to my academic background as pedagogue, it became very apparent how little emotional education children generally get, which, in my opinion, is one of the significant factors responsible for our suffering as adults. This suffering is inherited from generation to generation together with maladaptive coping mechanisms to deal with problems and emotions.

This has been very present for me for a long time and I can confidently say I see this in most of the clients that come through my practice doors. The most common way to cope with issues and unpleasant emotions is avoidance. We avoid, dismiss, brush under the carpet, deny, and neglect our mental health and all of a sudden it takes its toll and it becomes too much, it becomes unmanageable and we don’t know what to do. We can’t avoid anymore because avoiding becomes futile and we get lost, we only know we want to fix it now, we don’t want to look at what is happening and what is there, and often we go to therapy looking for quick fixes.

I work with metaphors a lot, I am a visual person and, as the book warm I am, I love stories, one day I came up with a metaphor, called the pile of sh** (yes, I do use swear words in my practice sometimes, especially if I know my clients will relate better to that, and because sometimes there is not a better word to describe something). I used this metaphor so much with my work with adults, it basically means to explain that in order to process our issues the only way is sitting on them, facing them, looking at them, exploring them, being uncomfortable, basically, the only way is through, avoiding is not going to work anymore, there is always a limit to how much we can avoid an issue or an unpleasant emotion.

So, I started to think how could more people benefit from this metaphor, how could I share this message for it to reach more people than just my clients? How can we get people to learn or understand this concept? What if we also share it with the little ones? Can they become adults who manage emotions and life difficulties better?

It was one day during lockdown, when I finally decided to do it. It was a sunny day, I took one of my many notebooks and sat down in my little side garden. I had the idea, but it took me quite a bit of time to figure out how to make it an engaging visual story that can be appealing to not only children but also young people or adults.

And so, one of those morning breaking my brains thinking in ways to make it fun, Ulises was born and with him his superpower, and it all made sense! Words started to flow, I couldn’t stop writing! And the rest is history…


What our readers say

Who is it for?

A book for the little ones (and not so little)


The estimated children’s’ age The Pile of Rubbish is suitable to is approximately  6 to 12 years old. It is not a book of a few words but I believe we sometimes underestimate how much children can understand. Trust them and if in difficulty, explain further.


It can become challenging to know how, when and how much to talk to our children about emotions and mental health. This book can be the perfect excuse to start such chat. It can make it easier and enjoyable and it can definitely open up the conversation. 

Schools and Mental Health professionals

This book is perfect to facilitate discussions about mental health and copying mechanisms. It’s a great aid to increase emotional education and introduce the importance of asking for help when needed. It breaks stereotypes and myths about how we should cope,

Young People & Adults

Often, simple messages delivered in the simplest way can have the most impact in someone. I believe in the power of metaphors, and even more if they are visual. This book contains a message everyone can benefit from, no matter the age.  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

For all

The Author

Sandra C. Ormeno, a Psychotherapist specialised in complex trauma.

Originally Spanish I grew up in a big family. Since I was very young I was fascinated by anything to do with the human psyche. As a book warm I used to spend my days in the psychology section of my local library struggling to pick up only the 3 books I was allowed to take home.

At the same time, I was a super lively and creative little girl. My mum used to call me (with all her love) “the little silly girl of the plastic bag” because everywhere I went I had to carry a book to read, a notepad to write and draw, a colouring book and pencils, my roller skaters and an a skipping rope! And when I say everywhere, I literally say everywhere, even to the cinema! Ha! But my favourite thing to do was by far writing, I even used to write poetry!

Anyway, when it was time to go to University, psychology was excessively popular, reason why the cutting grade to access it was as the one on medicine. My whole world shattered when I found out I wasn’t going to be able to fulfil my dream of becoming a therapist. Little I knew back then what life had on store for me. 

I had to settle studying Pedagogy (expert of Education, trainer of trainers), a degree with high psychology content where I discovered Personal coaching which is what lead me to Scotland over 15 year ago now. Although back then I was devastated because I couldn’t do psychology, I now know this was one of my biggest blessings and the key to me becoming who I am today. Who would have known?

In 2006 I moved to Scotland without knowing any English. I undertook an English course but not happy with my English after a year, I decided to go to university. I cried of happiness when I was told I could start the degree in Psychology from year 3 due to my Spanish degree. I completed my Honours degree and decided to continue fulfilling my dream of becoming a psychotherapist. Before completing my MSc in Counselling I got a job in a rape crisis centre working with complex trauma providing therapy for survivors of sexual violence. I haven’t stopped working and studying since.

As you can imagine writing books for the little ones (and not so little), to help in any way possible, has been one of my dreams for a long time. I am now privileged to combine my creativity with my passion to educate and help people navigate life and continue their development journey.  And starting with children is the way to better impact the world.

The Illustrator

Grisel , an experienced & talented artist and illustrator.

Grisel was born in Argentina but she grew up in Barcelona, in Spain, for most of her life. Her passion for music and her sound engineering job took her to London in 2010, but it wasn’t until she reached Scotland when she decided to use her artistic visual skills to pursue her dream of becoming an illustrator and character designer. The journey wasn’t easy and straight forward as she was rejected by 3 different Scottish universities. 

However, this took her to qualify in Art and Design in Animation in 2018. After that she decided to take a leap of faith and set up her own business. She opened the doors of her first Illustration studio shop in Glasgow and, with lots of determination and hard work, she started working as a self employed illustrator and character designer.

Now, Grisel is well stablished in a small village in Angus, North East of Scotland, where she has started a family and continued with her business opening up her beautiful and inspiring studio shop ‘The Art Shed’, a creative gift shop featuring her artwork as well as other 8 local talented artists’ work.
The Pile of Rubbish has been Grisel ‘s first project at the Art Shed.
Grisel applied for the job position as an illustrator that Sandra posted back in October 2020 and she fell in love with Ulises’ story. Additionally, Sandra and her instantly connected quite well and taking the job was an easy decision for her.
Grisel could have done the Pile of Rubbish completely digitally, but she decided to challenge herself to a large size traditional acrylic painting for each of the pages, using very little digital touches. She managed do this within the initially stablished deadline in spite of having to juggle all this with her new born baby and her business the Art Shed shop.
“It hasn’t been an easy journey but it has definitely been worth it, I hope you agree with me when you buy your copy of the book. Love”, Patti (Grisel)


The Pile of Rubbish was launched in memory of my mum on her birthday, the 12th of September 2021. 


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